Do you want to make a difference by helping us deliver medicines to everyone? If you do, you should join our team!

We are a small but very global company that built an entire industry some 30 years ago. We now bring more than 2,000,000 doses per day of much-needed medicines to patients across the world and our ambition is to double that over the next couple of years.

Currently, we are more than 300 dedicated specialists in over 20 countries that develops, manufactures and offers leasing options of innovative container solutions for pharmaceutical products that require a controlled environment. We do this jointly together with our partners with the belief that it takes an Eco-system to safely deliver medicines to the people that depend upon them. In time, to the right place and in the right condition. There is no room for error.

Meet our team!

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Meet Our Colleagues

Ellinor Grape, Senior Product Manager

I love technology and working at 可以赌足球的app gives me the chance to combine my fascination for technology development with a greater good, every day.

Jason Leong, Station Manager Singapore

When I had the opportunity to visit the Singapore station, I witnessed firsthand the quality of work and high standards they delivered… I was impressed!

Sanna Leerkes, Global Key Account Manager, Pharma

In my view, 可以赌足球的app is a truly great company, with employees who are full of passion for the company, its products and the cold chain industry. Many people have worked here +10 years, which is always a good sign when joining a new company.

Ernest Murphy, Head of Operations AMERICAS

Our industry is ever changing, we must be individuals who adapt to change, challenge the norm, continuously push the envelope on innovation and new services and consistently focus on the true end patient.

Catherine Taylor, Academy Manager

In my experience, being passionate about your work helps you to be more creative when handling challenges and pushes you to constantly improve the service that you deliver, whether that be internally with colleagues or externally to customers.

Thomas Krumbein, Head of Operations EMEA

I am personally very proud that the EMEA region has delivered 100% availability for the past 30 months in a row! It is important to me, to be a trustworthy business partner.

Pascal Leuenberger, Global Key Account Manager, Airlines

Trustworthiness is an absolute key, both internally and externally. This is a needed interpersonal skill as our business success is driven by people.

Jakob Jarl, Customer Experience Manager

I was intrigued by the way the employees spoke about the company; the quality of the products, the pride of the history and at the same time a clear focus on the future.

Diane Knight, Global Key Account Manager

I was always impressed by the fact that 可以赌足球的app was considered a leader in the cold chain industry.

Our Core Values

At 可以赌足球的app, our core values describe how we interact with each other, with our customers and partners.

Core Values

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